The Standing Order Scheme

How Standing Orders help GOLO - and you!

Setting up a standing order with your bank so that every month your tickets are automatically paid for and entered into the draw will release valuable time for our volunteers - and ensure that you never miss a draw again! Even better - you won't ever miss claiming for a winning ticket as we check these for you, every month without fail!

How does it work?

Fill in a standing order form and GOLO will submit this to your bank on your behalf. Once your authorisation has been processed by your bank we notify you of the ticket numbers that have been allocated exclusively to you and the first draw these will be entered into. After each month's draw has taken place we will automatically check your numbers - and if you are a lucky winner - we'll notify you and send you a cheque. How easy is that? And of course you can cancel your standing order at any time by contacting your bank. Please note that the terms of our licence restricts the scheme to UK residents over 16 years of age and that we can only operate with UK bank accounts.

How do you safeguard my personal details?

The Standing Order form is submitted directly to your bank and we do not retain a copy. The only details we retain are your name and contact details, and these are stored electronically with secure access strictly restricted to authorised administrators of the standing order scheme. GOLO will not release these details to any third party and will only use these to contact you about the standing order scheme and draws.

Yes I'm interested! What do I need to do?

A copy of the GOLO Standing Order can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking HERE. As we need to have a hardcopy of the form with your original signature for your bank, you will need to print the form out, complete it and post it to us at the address given. If you need us to send you a form please let us know. Thanks for your support.


Here's how to sign up!

Click here to download the GOLO Standing Order Form (PDF 600kb). You will need Acrobat Reader to open this - available FREE here.

Print the form out and complete it. There are full instructions on the form.

Send it in! Pop it in an envelope, stick on a stamp and mail it to:
GOLO SO Administrator
c/o The GO-Godalming Association,
1 Soly-y-Vista, Frith Hill Road,
Godalming, Surrey GU7 2EF

Sit back and we'll do the rest!

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