GOLO and The Law

The Godalming Lottery counts as a ‘Small Society Lottery’ as defined by the Gambling Act of 2005 because it is run by the Go-Godalming Association.  It is registered with Waverley Council and with the Lotteries Council, details of which can be found on their website  An outline of the Gambling Act can be found on the Gambling Commission website.

GOLO is a non-profit making lottery

GOLO  is a non-profit making lottery and is staffed at present entirely by volunteers.  Our costs are only those of design, printing and publicity, setting up and running the GOLO website, and the commission  earned by retailers selling the tickets.  The Law requires us to give a minimum of 20% of the lottery proceeds to good causes and all the rest to be divided between administration costs and prize money.  We hope by keeping our costs down we will have more than 20% available for good causes.

GOLO the country's first small town lottery

Although there are local authority lotteries in this country, the GOLO is, as far as we know, the only society lottery to be run entirely to benefit a single town. Our ultimate aim is to improve the quality of life of everyone in Godalming.  Those taking part will have a good chance of winning cash prizes, but even if they don’t they will benefit from the proceeds raised which will all go to local projects.



GOLO Godalming Lottery Public Draw
A member of the public draws a winning ticket

GOLO is a member of the Responsibility in Gambling Trust and the Lotteries Council

lotteries Council

Responsibility in Gambling Trust

GOLO is registered with Waverley Council as a small society lottery.


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