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Music in The Park
GOLO supports The Cellar in Godalming
Photo by Nikki Legg
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Music in The Park is a series of concerts staged every Sunday afternoon for 19 weeks through the summer months. It is organised and manned by volunteers to give free entertainment, not only to local residents but also visitors to our town.

GOLO was set up in 2008 with the aim of helping to raise funds to build the Bandstand Roof, and indeed greatly supported this project.

However, since then GOLO has moved on to supporting a wide variety of local organisations and charities. These range from Nursery Schools to Day Centres, Sports Clubs, Guides, Scouts and Ecological projects. In fact over £40,000 has been donated to the community in this time.

Most bands who play on the Bandstand are amateur musicians but they require a fee to perform. This is usually obtained by sponsorship from local businesses. However, seldom is sponsorship achieved to cover all bands. On this occasion GOLO was asked to re-visit its original function and to sponsor Slinfold Concert Band last Sunday. and the concert was enjoyed by between 300 and 350 people.





The Cellar Godalming
GOLO supports The Cellar in Godalming
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The Cellar is a café in the centre of Godalming which is open to everyone, with the principle objective of providing a caring and friendly meeting place for disadvantaged and vulnerable people in the community. Everyone is welcome without discrimination or judgement, and the cost of food and drink is kept at an affordable level.

For those who may have mental health problems or learning difficulties, or who are socially isolated, depressed or emotionally stressed, the Cellar is a safe haven. By being welcomed and treated with care and concern, people find a sense of belonging to an extended family, where joys and sorrows are shared. The Cellar has always provided a listening ear and a prayerful support to all. It has been found that over time, through acceptance and increased self-esteem, those who have led broken lives can become more purposeful and better integrated into the community.

GOLO provided funding to enable The Cellar to tow equipment and supplies to community events where they have stalls providing refreshments with sales providing important funding for the cafe and the support work they do. Pictured above is Cellar Manager Debbie Portsmouth with GOLO volunteers.



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